Aug 28, 2011

Newsletter, Website, and CS4Fun, oh my!

There's a certain feeling of fullness, of satisfaction when everything finally, finally gets to be where you've wanted it to be. This week GeekPhysical got the pleasure of feeling that happy moment - we finally published our new website (with endless thanks to our fabulous designer, Jonas Eriksson) and sent out our first newsletter, carefully and seriously painstakingly, selecting 417 people from all of our combined contacts who we thought might enjoy receiving it. We're excited about the work we've done and happy to share our stories with each of you so it was nice to send out this newsletter and share a bit with the world what we're up to and where we're going!

Please check out our shiny new Newsletter here:

Our very fantabulous new website here:

and... the 12-hours-later result of one Mr. Paul Curzon, who was so enthused by our newsletter story about the Touching Booth that he wrote and published an article at CS4Fun here: (Thanks Paul!)

And please - if you have feedback for us on our newsletter or website we'd really like to hear it, we're always looking to improve!

If you'd like to join our newsletter, sign up in the right hand column of this blog!

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