Sep 10, 2011

Visiting Platform4 for Future Meeting Hub #1

GeekPhysical teamed up with Platform4 this weekend to offer workshops at the Future Meeting Hub #1. We prototyped our prototyping workshops on Saturday and Sunday, offering participants either the opportunity to play with robots made of two servos and CNC'ed wooden parts OR the challenge of developing an idea from a random shiny object and taking it from brainstorm to proof of concept to user testing in a two hour period.

A bit about the robots:

The robots were prepared using CNC milled wooden parts and building upon our old workshop with illutron in Odense ( In our older workshop we used wooden sticks and glueguns and our robots have since evolved to become sexy sophisticated models with endless adaption possibilities.  The robots start out playing a game of leap frog and can be adapted to respond to any imaginable input and do anything you can think of for them to do!

Here's a photo of us CNC milling them:

More news, photos and video coming soon as we progress with our weekend fun at Platform4!

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