May 7, 2013

Elevated Audio

Dzl has been working hard on an installation for the 2013 Click Festival. He's part of a team building an installation called "Elevated Audio" consisting of flying blimps receiving IR signals which remotely control the blimp's audio synthesisers. Based on the Ardunio Synth made a long time ago, this project re-invents the play with space, audio, visual, and interaction in an amazing display of laser cut speakers floating around, held up by shiny silver blimps. Check it out this weekend at the Click Festival in Helsingør!

Read Dzl's posts here:
Tiny synthesizer for art project
Blimp synth building

And visit the Click Festival Website here:

Photos here:

Feb 25, 2013

Long awaited update

It does seem like perhaps we've been very quiet, for a long time. But the truth of the matter is, we've been elsewhere on the web - namely, in Dzl's Evil Genius Lair!

Go and check out his blog here where all our inventions and crazy ongoings have been taking place:

We've also been busy on Twitter, and therefore, very soon, you'll see a Twitter sidebar here (if all goes well!)

Some things we've been up to while it's been quiet:

Flying Quadrocopters at the Louvre, Paris for a fashion show:

Building a Safety Fireworks Launcher for New Year's Eve:

Doing a presentation - 20 slides in 20 seconds each, for Pecha Kucha Copenhagen: