May 9, 2012

Tesla Coil, cage, and our WEIRD lamp go to the Click Festival

For the Click Festival at the Culture Yard (Kulturværftet) in Helsingør, we created an interactive, musical Tesla Coil as part of our six month exhibition honoring Nikola Tesla with illutron and Casper Øbro (Curator).

The coil was built specifically with aesthetics and interactivity in mind, with every part designed by Dzl, and built by Dzl and Marc (Marc Cedenius).

Our initial interaction was a simple button and switch adjusting frequency and duration. We then hooked up an old keyboard and finally had the privilege of Bo Thorning ( playing live on the Tesla coil for each and every one of the shows throughout the festival!

A big thanks to Bo, Dzl, Marc, Casper and everyone at Click Festival!