Jul 31, 2011

Playing with fire, again

Playing with fire by geekphysical
Playing with fire, a photo by geekphysical on Flickr.

It's been a little quiet on the blog-front because we've been going nuts getting ready for the big festival with illutron - KulturSYDhavn (Culture in the South Harbor). It's the second year we're working in collaboration with the 10-years running Kulturhavn (Culture harbor), an amazing festival with tons of performances.

This year we decided on the theme "Remixing the Physical" and playing with some new 'elements': Sound, Fire, Water, Light, and Robots.

In this photo, we're experimenting with fire under water and throwing in some electricity for fun.

To read about some of the ongoing projects, check out: www.kultursydhavn.dk or http://illutron.dk/posts/322

Happy Geeking!

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