Apr 26, 2012

Interactive Bikes at the Diabetes awareness event

For the Diabetes Leadership Forum, hosted by Novo Nordisk 24 - 26 April, 2012, we created an Interactive Bike installation, placed in Copenhagen's Central Station as part of a Diabetes awareness event.

The scene was four bikes, where people would participate in a 3 minute, 2 kilometer race. For every race, the risk of Diabetes went down (as shown on a graph).

Participants received Diabetes information packages and had the chance to sample healthy food cooked by a local food celebrity Claus Holm from the morning show "Go’ Morgen Danmark", and get their blood tested and have a mini consultation with a nurse.

On the first day, cook Claus Holm counted 2750 visitors! We had a wonderful time with the highly energetic participants and staff.

What's under the hood?
We used Hall sensors to detect magnetic change and attached magnets to the pedals, then took all four bikes to a receiver box and output everything as data.

This data was taken by a Flash programmer (the fabulous Dennis) from Tekstur.dk and translated into moving graphics, care of ADtomic.dk.

Truly a team effort, we were all organized by Martin Ersted.

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