May 3, 2010

Me & Mrs. Jones, interactive clothing project

Touch interface
Originally uploaded by geekphysical
A project exploring touch and clothing. We're creating (with friends) a series of clothing that creates a sense of connection between people.

The first outfit is a skirt and blouse. When someone holds the wearer around the waist, she lights up, skirt embedded with fiber optics and blouse with LEDs.

The second outfit is a man's shirt with a target on the breast pocket. If someone touches the target, the opening of the shirt glows red.

These two together are what constitute Me & Mrs. Jones, inspired by the jazz song of two people coming together for a secret rendezvous.

The third outfit is created by Mads Høbye as he uses an adapated version of Dzl's Arduino Synth and lights up with the music and touch, a moving rock concert.

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