Apr 28, 2010

Visiting Labitat, preparing for ThoughtMade

We have had an exciting couple of weeks! Labitat, the new hackerspace in Denmark opened its doors for its first open house, check out their site here: https://labitat.dk/. They have a fantastic space in the basement of an apartment building in a nice part of Copenhagen, and they have really thought about how to use it well! We learned a lot and will hopefully be able to apply it to the illutron barge. All their stuff is labelled, if there's an icon of a man, it means it belongs to someone, if it says "DNH" that means, Do Not Hack, and while this might be old news to some of you, it was news to us, we were amazed at the organization (places for wires?!? Who knew?) and the fun toys they have already acquired. They are an eager and enthusiastic bunch and sure to make a great impact on Copenhagen. Nice work guys!

Following up on that, we are preparing for ThoughtMade (here: http://thoughtmade.com/) ThoughtMade, in case you don't get a chance to visit the site, is "a meeting place for innovators". We look forward to the day's events including TEDx (TED talks, but not at TED), followed by ThoughtMade talks and installations. GeekPhysical will be presenting Biometric Social Interaction both as a concept and the installation itself. There will be many other installations throughout the venue and the night will be spectacular, with the club, inkonst, being turned into a spaceship (sounds like C-base? I think some inspiration might be involved here, props to C-base!) We are very much looking forward to the event and at this very second, are working on making sure the hardware is operational and ready to go, adjusting code, and putting the final touches on the system.

Finally, some photos for you! illutron got in a new fleet of robots, a kind donation from an education facility here in Copenhagen. They are fantastic, beautiful robots and we're eager to start playing with them!


geekphysical's Robots photosetgeekphysical's Robots photoset

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