Oct 15, 2009

Festival della Creativita - Set up

Originally uploaded by geekphysical
Our first test run after setting up our exhibition at Festival della Creativita. Everyone looked cool in their shades hooked up with IR gaze detection, and followed their heart beat and GSR streams flowing from one person to another. The festival begins today and its been a hard two days getting this booth in order! We're doing the last touches of tweaking the program and locking everything down (theft is popular in Italy!). We have some great neighbors - check out their video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGvwP4QyLcA and another neighbor who is specializing in projecting interactive graffiti! (http://tangibleinteraction.com/)


Unknown said...

theft is popular in Italy Sometimes I feel so ashamed to be italian.

You have a cool stand, I like such arduino projects.

Bye, Alessio

GeekPhysical said...

Well we had a great time in Italy and the food was fantastic so that makes up for the evil theft, though if it was us who lost our belongings, we might feel differently. Either way, happy to visit Italy again.