Oct 8, 2009

Disco Painting

Disco Painting
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We bought a new projector yesterday, the Optoma ex530 its beautiful!!! Its tiny and has great specs for such a small machine. We had to play with it of course and first watched an episode of Buffy - what better to test on it? Then we tried our installation - both good, though for reference, the Buffy DVDs colors were not the best though they are on our other projector. We'll try with another movie later on.

To the point... we were just setting up to try out projecting on the ceiling to get an idea of what the installation might look like, albeit upside down (its meant for floor projection) so we turned the projector to the ceiling and on the way, caught the eye of our beautiful 20" disco ball. The room exploded in lights and we quickly figured out a new and fantastic past time, disco ball painting.

Opening Paint in windows, Dzl started to draw shapes, colors, and lines on the disco ball, changing the light and reflections it cast around the room, suddenly reflections of circles, squiggles and beautiful colors danced around our ceilings. Guess what our next installation is? Video to follow.


666 said...

hey det er mega grinern ide, havde selv tænkt på den mange gange især med en række af dias fremvisere der skyder ind på en roterende spejlkugle, dermed et univers af konstant skiftende og bedvægende billeder på de omkringliggende vægge især hvis det er en kollektion af sammenhængende fotos.

kig forbi min blog

mvh johannes
deco på phono

Anonymous said...

what a coincidence - in our show i'm simulating one using a projector, but no ball - maybe that's what a meme is?