Jun 11, 2009

GeekPhysical + SparkFun, IN VEGAS!

So our "Critical Corset" (http://illutron.dk/posts/170) has received some attention. One of our focuses in the projects we do is of course, the "Physical" so how can we create interactions based on the physical body?

The corset project, in a nutshell, senses when the wearer's heart rate rises, and then tightens the corset, indicating to the wearer that they are attracted to someone. Of course, heart rate isn't the only signifier and as we discovered, is obviously affected by many other things, (hence we developed a super awesome biometric social interaction system which I'll post about later but...) in the meantime, Sparkfun heard about us. Sparkfun is the supplier of all wonderful electronic goodies that the world plays with and so it was great to hear from them, being interested in our project! It was even more great to learn that they wanted to do a photoshoot with us, featuring us in Make Magazine, Nuts and Volts, and two other superbly geeky magazines! We flew off to Vegas, had a GREAT four days with them, managed to geek, talk geek, and act ridiculously cool in Vegas and had a wonderful time exploring the madness that is Vegas.

We did the photoshoot in the middle of the Vegas strip, with cars whizzing by, Dzl in a Tuxedo with tails and me wearing the corset, and a bag full of electronics, and both of us admiring his MSI laptop. I can't wait to see the photos, and better yet, the ad!

Many thanks to AnnDrea, Nate and Chris, and Vegas! Who knew geeking could be so fantastic!?

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