Dec 1, 2011

100 Year Celebration at Denmark's Technical Museum

The installation, unboxedDzl's sensors, sensing when an object is picked upMonitor attached to two way glassThe whole set up featuring Peter/The DadThe whole set up featuring Ina/The DaughterTwo way mirror carefully set into a 1960's bathroom cabinet
Motion sensorTwo way mirror carefully set into a 1960's bathroom cabinetGuestsThe guests may have been there in year one as well... wonderful to see them coming back.The bathroomThe mirror with objects on shelf
Replicas replaced real objects after we figured out the hard way how slippery and breakable the real objects were.Real objects, cleverly stored in a cabinet, away from gravity's reach.Guests try the mirrorBeautiful exhibition design by Marie ØrstedholmBeautiful exhibition design by Marie ØrstedholmA guest contemplates the mirror
Mirror featuring Albert/The SonBeautiful exhibition design by Marie ØrstedholmGuests looking into the future exhibitGuests playing video games in the teenager roomSomeone inspecting the mirror signMirror featuring Ina/The Daughter

100 Year Celebration, a set on Flickr.

Denmark's Technical Museum, the home of beautiful planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention engines, bicycles,jets, tools and even our lovely Kraka Submarine created by Copenhagen Suborbitals, has just celebrated it's 100 year anniversary!

To celebrate they chose the theme of what's happened in the home in the past 100 years. GeekPhysical has been working with them from the onset of this project, beginning with a fun walkthrough Ikea to gain ideas on how the home is made up and thinking about how to create interactive experiences in each room, to brainstorming ideas for how people could interact, learn, and share experiences within the exhibit.

After a lot of idea generating, we were asked to create a 1960's bathroom - with a wayback mirror, a mirror that, when you walk into the bathroom, would reveal a person from the past, going about their morning ritual. We adapted the idea from the wildly popular "" (thank you for inspiration) and made up our own system using Open Frameworks and Arduino for input and output.

There were four characters:

Dad: Peter Madsen (of Copenhagen Suborbitals), shaving.
Mom: Miss Mia (of Miss Mia's Hula Hoop), putting in Carmen Curlers.
Son: Albert Møbius (age 11, son of Dzl), using hairdryer.
Daughter: Ina Viuff (age 12, daughter of Harald, part of illutron), using a tanning machine.

For each of the four characters they would go through a routine, one would come on screen, randomly once the mirror was activated. Let's say it was the mom. She'd say hello and ask you to pass her the curlers. If you pick up the curlers off the shelf and pass them to her, she takes them, and begins curling her hair. Once she's complete, she'll fade away and a new character will appear.

It was wonderful to see all the loyal patrons of the Tekniske Museum and to present our work there as a permanent exhibition. Thank you DTM for such a great experience!

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