Mar 13, 2011

Everybody Knows Frank

GeekPhysical, with Majken Overgaard, has created a network - a place for creative people who are inventors, thinkers, engineers, geeks, tinkerers, modders, conceptualists, designers, hackers, makers, artists, and all those creating experiences for others.

This network aims at bringing together all the people in the Ă–resund Region who work with technology in creative, innovative ways. We invite both creators and possible partners to participate.

The goal is to create discussions between creative, innovative people who can help each other, collaborate, form possible partnerships, introduce networks, and be introduced to the people they possibly want to partner up with.

We've had two events so far, our premier on the illutron barge, and our follow up event at Labitat, a great hackerspace with really fantastic people, thanks Labitat for a great time!

See a video of our first event here (also below):

Photos of both events here:

Read more at:

Frank is on PODIO - Podio is really what we need to connect all these amazing creative people and get them collaborating on projects together. Check it out here:

Video from the last "Everybody Knows Frank":

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