Jan 12, 2011

Laser, Laser

Okay so we're getting super itchy to buy a laser cutter after visiting http://1scale1.com/ before Christmas and making some really special reindeer which sparked a debate about the new terrorism - laser cut patterns resulting in oddities that one ponders for hours and days on end. The reindeer in question is still on my dining table, mocking me with it's bizarre body. Thanks to the designer by the way who probably doesn't have a clue what he's done.

Moving on.

Dzl, after spending hours trying to convince me to spend a LOAD of money on a laser cutter, has built his own in the meantime: granted, it's miniature but hey, it's fun and full of laser goodness. Laser, attached to a CNC machine, and now we have fun laser cut objects all over the house. Granted, they're all made out of paper, or like my camera lens cap, now have my email engraved into them, but good times nonetheless. Check out our 'interlude video' here:

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