Jan 8, 2010


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As explored last year in the form of the "TouchMe Tree" (http://illutron.dk/posts/205) we have used capacitive touch sensing to create a Christmas tree whose lights only turn on when the tree is being touched or played with.

(Text from our original post at illutron.dk/posts/205)

Using a AC switch mode power supply as a switch mode generator to create noise, the plant’s capacitance is measured, and added to when a human touches it (thus adding capacitance). As the voltage varies, the noise changes and is filtered in such a way that the lights get brighter as the tree is being touched. Depending on how long the tree was touched for, the lights fade away to nearly being off until they regain a steady flow and return to a normal lit state.

Technically, this is being done via a single ATTiny45 chip, a string of Christmas LEDs, and wire connecting to the base of the Christmas Tree.

Credit is due...

"Our Slanted Voices"
by DoKashiteru

Original Illutron/GeekPhysical TouchMe tree project:

Fantastic tree-loving friend:
Nina Rydahl Andersen

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