Jul 19, 2009

Introducing Biometric Social Interaction

So its not anything new really, we've been exploring it for some time now and hopefully you've seen our post about our biometric jewelery. But now its organized and official, GeekPhysical is exploring Biometrics, specifically what we like to call Biometric Social Interaction, BSI.

We're doing a series of experiments, exploring how people's communication and attitudes change when they are aware of their biometric data and how it changes depending on their interactions with each other.

We think its fascinating that normally people use makeup, clothes, business cards, even cologne to present themselves but they cannot (normally) control their biometrics (heart rate, temperature, skin response, eeg). What if people were judged biometrically? Could be fun, and it is. Check out our newest blog, Biometric Social Interaction, you can also check in through the button at the top of this blog, entitled "Biometrics".

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