Nov 7, 2008

Biometric Jewelry

A beautiful necklace, in the form of a celtic knotted triangle, pulsates with red LEDs, displaying the heart rate of the wearer in a shimmering wave effect. Geek gifts of love at their finest.


While exploring the various potentials of working with biometrics, we were thinking of ways to visualize to people around you, your biometric state. We wanted to do this in a pretty, artistic way. Interactive clothing is very popular but there hasn't been a lot done in the realm of jewelry. Since one of the first biometrics projects we worked on was exploring heart rate feedback through a corset, we thought jewelry was a natural progression, a decorative feedback display system.

Read all the details of its creation, hardware, and coding here.

See photos on Flickr, here.

Video of heart rate necklace:

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