Oct 19, 2008

LEDs + Test Tubes = Fun Lamp

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Its always a case of looking around when you're working and thinking, what can I do with this stuff? Well, we saw test tubes. We saw LEDs. We knew what to do. Test tube LED lamps! We started by gathering a bunch of test tubes and then found some wood pieces laying around, and gathered up some of our favorite colors of LEDs. We drilled into the wood, with enough room to let the test tube sit comfortably and securely in the hole made and point-drilled down a bit further to allow for room for the LED. We put the LED through the first hole, placed the test tube on top, and connected the LEDs together on the bottom, soldering them together to create a chain which we then connected to a power source (an ac adapter we stripped the end off). We complemented the whole look and feel by changing from test tubes to fluorescent liquid in a bottle - and using UV LEDs. Now our house and offices are full of beautiful little lamps that took us less than 10minutes each to make! Check out the flickr photo stream for more details and step by step photos. http://www.flickr.com/photos/29889578@N05/

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