Sep 29, 2011

Tesla: Magnetic Coil Photobooth

GeekPhysical has had a long standing interest in Nikolaj Tesla, so when we were asked to create something with illutron as a center piece for an installation celebrating Tesla, we were on board right away. Kulturværftet in Helsingør, (known as the Culture Yard in English) has a small room which they are dedicating to Tesla over the next 6 months. Casper Øbro, an artist who has worked with illutron before, asked us to join to create a Tesla themed installation amongst his many stunning visuals and projection mapping projects in the space.

We decided to re-create this iconic photo of Tesla in the form of an installation where visitors can sit down and press a foot pedel to take their photo. They then proceed to an 1920's styled computer kiosk where they can add Tesla coils to the photo affecting four parameters: Persistance, Voltage, Fuzz, and Crackle. Once visitors adjust these parameters via dials and have achieved their ideal level of Tesla coils, they can hit a shiny silver button and email the photo to themselves.

The installation opens Friday, 30. September, and all information is here (translated from Danish).

Here's our first photo from the installation:

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