Feb 19, 2009

Fun with Robot Building

GeekPhysical and Illutron did a workshop this week in Odense, teaching students all about Arduino, electronics, physical computing, using sensors, and building robots from RC Motors! We had a ton of fun, and were happy to see people being creative with their robot building.

Our robots consisted of servo motors, one small and one big, glued to each other with the smaller on top. This one had a stick glued to it which could be used to pick up objects. Participants were taught using Pure Data and the pduino interface so they could easily associate the programming with what they were doing.

Our next goal is to build a patch that allows sensors AND the servo to be connected at the same time, so that we can use sensors to control the servo! In the meantime, check out http://illutron.dk/posts/214 to see what the next day, and a couple of guys crazy about computer vision used the robots for. Hint, control a robot with fruit! Woohoo!

Video on bliptv here: http://blip.tv/file/1792054/

Flickr Set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29889578@N05/sets/72157614072570567/

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